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İlden Dirini
Social Media Manager - Journalist

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I'm a social media manager, copywriter and content creator and my own company ToDo Social's director. I manage social media accounts and create contents for small businesses looking after benefits of digital era. I help them to commence or improve digitalising some of their daily business activities for marketing and public relations. I accompany them through this journey as a teammate to make it exciting and most profitable.

I do voluntary works for some charities and associations to help them making our world a better place.

Work Experience

News Editor & Social Media Specialist

Gercek Gundem, 2018 – 2019 Antalya
Gerçek Gündem is one of the most visited (~500 000 page view) online news portal in Turkey. I managed economy and politics section. Also I was responsible for analysing social media and website usage statistics and creating reports to improve our news portal and social media channels.

Social Media Specialist, & Content Writer

Freelancer, 2015 - 2018 Urla
As a freelancer I started to publish about events and organizations in Urla, a small town at the furthest west of Turkey and I lived in for 4 years. I built a website and create social media pages through which I published news, interviews, announcements. Advertisements and etc. After a couple of months it grew up and turned into a promising small business. Urla Etkinlikleri (Urla Events) was my first independent business from scratch. After moving from Urla I sold and exited.

Beside Urla Etkinlikleri, I worked for my clients and other digital agencies.

I generated contents for my own clients, like Izmir Yasam Yatirim, Online Kurum Egitim Yazilimlari and Bidolu Baski.

Through several digital agencies, I also created various kinds of content for the most known companies in Turkey, like Tekzen, n11, Hepsi Burada, Tatil Sepeti, Barcin, Unico Sigorta.

I worked closely with a local venture named 3D Maker & Tasarım Atölyesi. I managed social media channels and produced digital materials for events.

News Editor & Social Media Specialist

Gerçek Gündem, 2013 - 2015, Istanbul

News Editor & Social Media Specialist

Yurt Gazetesi, 2012 - 2013, Istanbul

News Reporter & Radio Host

Özgür Radyo, 2009 - 2012, Istanbul

Özgür Radyo was a news radio station in Istanbul. I worked in different positions, editor, reporter and presenter. I also prepared and presented radio programs about women's rights, new media and journalism.



2015 – 2017 Anadolu University, International Relations (Bachelor's Degree)

2012 – 2014 Anadolu University, Media and Communication (Associate's Degree)